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Music gets more chores doneThere’s a new study out that says if you play more music in your home you are more likely going to increase a mood of good feelings that will lead to more time with your loved ones.

Apple Music and Sonos (a smart speaker manufacturer) Teamed up with Daniel Levitin a neuroscientist to discover the outcome of music. Daniel Levitin is an expert on how music affects the brain.

Using a professional research service Sonos ran a poll of 30,000 people who like music. They asked them how music affects their lives. Next the professional researchers got permission from 30 candidates to allow access to their homes for the purpose of conducting an experiment. For one week these candidates were required not to listen to any music out loud. The next week the played music in the airs of their homes. These homes were equipped with nest cams.hNest cams are cameras which enableĀ 24/7 live video streaming. They were also equipped with iBeacons. iBeacons are small tracking devices that constantly send their location and other information to nearby devices (computers, smart phones, tablets, etc.). They had Apple Watches as well as a Sonos sound system. This equipment was used to observe behaviors when the volunteers started playing music all around their homes. They were encouraged to play whatever type of music the wanted at whatever volume and at anytime.

Levitin, whose best-selling book This Is Your Brain On Music says when music is playing at home, people become physically closer. With the latest technology they are able to observe behaviors of people while in their own homes which is different when listening to music in public.

Here is what the research equates to:

  • 12% more likely to get closer to your housemates.
  • More likely to hangout together. 4 1/2 hours more spent together while music was playing as compared to households without music playing.
  • 33% more likely to cook together.
  • 85% more likely to invite people over.
  • 15% more likely to laugh together
  • 18% more likely to utter the words “I love you.”
  • 66% more likely to be intimate when music is playing
  • Couples experienced 37% more “awake time” in bed. Wink Wink!

Here are some more stats from the Sonos study:

  • 59% of testers said that they find people more attractive if they’re playing music they like.
  • 30% of subjects said they suspected their partners of lying about the musical taste in order to attract them.
  • 24% less irritable.
  • 25% more inspired.
  • 16% increase in positive feelings.
  • 22% more physically active. It’s noted that it was more likely to get up and dance in homes playing music out loud.
  • 80% of respondents reported that household chores were easier to complete when music was playing.
  • 18% said sex was better with music.
  • 58% said food actually tasted better when music was playing.

Those are some great indicators of how music can directly affect us.

February 12, 2016 |
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